Best Teething Toys

Teething can be a challenging time for the baby, especially if it is accompanied by various symptoms such as fussiness and pain in the gums. However, there are ways in which this time can be made bearable for the teething infant by using teething toys. Infants use toys for playing most of the time, but these same toys with relevant teething features can also be used for other roles such as soothing the painful, swollen gums.

There are a variety of teething toys on the market. It is therefore important to choose those that will benefit your child by soothing the gums as well as ensuring their safety. Some toys can also play the double role of improving the infant’s sensory skills as they use them for playing.

Below are some of the best teething toys on the market.

MunchkinTwisty Figure 8 Teether


This Munchkin Figure 8 is both a teething and developmental toy. It consists of four types of surfaces, has a colorful design and produces a rattle sound. This is a convenient toy that the infant can use to play with as well as chew to soothe irritated gums. It is in the shape of a figure 8 with different textures around the shape. This teething toy costs about $5.


  • Has a variety of surfaces for baby to experiment with to find the one that can soothe irritated gums
  • Serves multiple purposes as a teether and a developmental toy because it can be used to develop sensory and motor skills as well as soothing gums
  • Toy is large enough for baby to hold and chew


  • Tiny gaps make it challenging to clean especially because it is not supposed to be boiled or dishwasher safe

The Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether provides a much-needed solution to those irritated teething gums of an infant. Its chewable plastics, bright colors and rattle sounds are a sure way of keeping the infant interested with the toy. It is a good buy because it can be used as a teething and a playing toy.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys


Nuby Ice Gel Teether keys are useful in helping soothe irritated gums. Other than chewing, the keys can also be placed in the refrigerator so that they can provide a cooling effect on the infant’s gums. They are made with bright colors to stimulate the baby visually. They come in red and purple colors and cost about $4.


  • Ice Gel teether keys have multiple surfaces and can be used for soothing front, back and middle teeth; offset surfaces are useful in teeth eruption
  • Keys can be cooled in refrigerator; purICE technology allows them to remain cool for a long time; Cool surfaces are essential in stimulating sore gums
  • Small size gives infant an easy grip; baby can exercise hands, have sore gums soothed and be stimulated at same time
  • Dishwasher safe and therefore easy to keep clean


  • Baby may chew on ring and logo instead of keys
  • Baby needs to be monitored when using toy to prevent any accidents

The Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys are worth the money for a teething infant to assist in calming irritated teething gums. The cooling ability enables the keys to sooth sore gums, and the baby can also play easily with the keys to improve their hand eye coordination due to their stimulating nature.

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teether, Brown/White

With many parts that can be chewed on by the baby, the Vulli Sophie Giraffe provides a good solution for a teething infant. The 100 percent natural rubber and food paint ensures that it is safe for the baby. It is BPA and phthalates free and facilitates the development of the baby’s sensory skills. It costs about $20.


  • Other than soothing the sore gums, the giraffe also stimulates an infant’s other senses such as touch, sight, tasting, hearing and smell.
  • Parts designed to be easy for baby to grip such as the neck and long legs
  • Has many chewing parts such as legs, ears and horns to keep baby occupied and to soothe sore gums
  • Safe for baby; made with food paint and natural rubber
  • Squeaking sound keeps infant amused and stimulates hearing


  • Expensive for a teething toy
  • Some complaints about it being a choking hazard

The Vulli Sophie Giraffe is a multipurpose teething toy that is worth the purchase although expensive in comparison to other teethers. It stimulates the infant senses as well as assisting in soothing the teething gums. The baby can chew on any part of the giraffe.


Teethers are important in helping an infant cope with the discomfort that is associated with teething. Some teething toys can also double up as playing toys for an infant such as the toys reviewed here.

In this category, the Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys take the first position. The keys are soft for the baby to bite on and they can also be placed in the refrigerator to provide a cooling effect and soothe the gums. They also come at an affordable price.

The Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 takes the second place. It is affordable and provides different textures that the baby can munch on to soothe irritated gums. Its rattle sounds and bright colors keep the child interested.

The Vulli Sophie Giraffe takes the last position. This is because it is expensive despite being an interesting toy for the baby to play with as well as for munching to relieve the irritation on the gums when teething. If you prefer a natural product though, this is your best choice.