Odds are that your teething youngster doesn’t have the required hand motor skills to use a normal teething toy. This won’t be a concern any longer – you can now purchase a cutting-edge teething Yummy Mitt Teething mitten for him or her. 

As a division of Darlyng & Co., Yummy Mitt produces baby clothing that satisfies both the child and the parent. Their main product is targeted towards teething babies who haven’t mastered their motor skills yet. 

Introducing the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten!

Developed by actual parents, the staff at Darlyng & Co. specializes in the production of toxin-free items that are practical and adaptable. We all know how frustrating it is to buy a product marketed as useful that ends up being a disappointment. You can purchase the company’s products from anywhere in America. It has established itself among parents as reputable. 

Why undergo the hassle of searching for dropped and unclean teethers when you can instead attach a mitten to the child’s hands and simultaneously sooth their gums? Convert your drooling, cranky little one into a joyous and laughing baby! 

Yummy Mitt – Key Aspects

The mitten is made of 100% cotton and food-grade silicone. The structure of the silicon alleviates your baby’s aching gums. The cotton makes the item washing machine-friendly. Therefore, your baby’s teether is simple to sanitize and free from toxins. 

The item glow in the dark, too. Manufactured with an illumination material that is non-toxic, you’ll be able to locate the mitten in dark rooms. The ergonomically-designed mitten conforms to the child’s hand, making it more productive and less of a nuisance. 

You can secure the mitten to a baby’s hand, stopping the requirement for ongoing parental supervision. It also takes away the potential of choking or gagging. You needn’t be concerned about teethers dropping any longer.

The mitten is accompanied by a handy travel pack, allowing you to take the item wherever you want. The design stimulates the development of motor skills, reducing the need for the child to suck their thumb.

Because the material is made from cotton, the mitt is very absorbent. Because of that, the child’s hand won’t get uncomfortably sweaty while wearing it. Also, the baby will be less cranky and fussy, much to the parent’s relief.

Is Your Baby Infatuated With Finger Biting?

The side slit simplifies the process of removing or inserting the child’s small hand from the mitt. With regards to visual stimulation, there are numerous sensory textures, patterns, and colors. Additionally, there is sufficient room within the mitt for the child to close and open their small fists; the child’s hands can move without restrictions, which leads to a greater degree of comfort. 

To improve the soothing aspect and to offer additional relief for gums that are painfully teething, some silicon can be placed in an ice bowl. 

A Velcro strap aids you in keeping the mitt secure without constriction. The product won’t fall off or get too loose.

The mitten has gone through numerous quality control assessments and adheres to all ASTM, CPSC, and CPSIA regulations. You get the highest standards of quality when you purchase a Yummy Mitt.

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten- Pros & Cons

What We Liked

  • Ideal gift for baby showers or holidays
  • Alluring design with vibrant patterns and colors, in addition to unique textures that stimulate visual senses
  • No worry of choking or gagging
  • Helpful ergonomic design takes away the need to keep picking up dropped teethers
  • Doesn’t warrant ongoing supervision
  • Handy travel bag
  • Velcro strap 
  • To enhance soothing relief, the silicon can be placed in ice
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent material stops hands from getting uncomfortably sweaty
  • Sufficient space within to move a hand freely
  • Latex, BPA, Lead, PVC, and phthalates-free
  • Stimulates motor skills
  • Can be worn on each hand
  • Glows in the dark
  • Great for thumb-sucking toddlers

What We Didn’t Like

  • Child may opt to keep chewing on their hand
  • Odd smell
  • Might be too big
  • May take some time for the baby to become accustomed to it


When you’re child excessively gnaws on their hands, they can become swollen and sore. Worse, such behavior can trigger thumb-sucking down the line. Many teethers aren’t developed for smaller children who lack proper motor skills, which can frustrate a parent. Enter the Yummy Mitt – a product that alleviates teething pain. The product takes away the hassle of locating and cleaning dropped teethers, to boot. 

Parents have voiced their displeasure about having mitts that are too big and clunky for small hands. There’s also the worry of your youngster not interested in the teether, which leaves a hole in your pocket. Odd smells come with many teethers, too. 

This product is a great concept that is practical and functional. There are many benefits of this particular teether, but ultimately, the one you choose is contingent on what your baby needs and what you want.