Amber teething necklaces have been in use in most Baltic regions including Lithuania and Poland for centuries as a remedy for teething symptoms. However, they are just recently becoming popular in other parts of the world as well.

Today you can find amber teething necklaces on the market at a relatively cheap price. However, owing to their popularity, unscrupulous businesses are trying to dupe unsuspecting mothers by selling fake necklaces that are not authentic amber.

Hence, finding the best amber teething necklace can be challenging. You need to ascertain that you are getting the original Baltic amber. Here are some of the top-rated amber teething necklaces:

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The Art of Cure Teething Necklace-Lemon

The [amazon link=”B004F95G1A” title=”Art of Cure Teething Necklace ” /] is made entirely of Baltic amber to ease your baby’s teething process. The necklace is designed for wearing but not for chewing, as most people tend to think. It works magic on the body when it is worn and keeps inflammation down.

How does it work? When the beads touch the warm body of the infant, the succinic acid, which is a component of the amber material, is released. The acid has been proven to work on most teething symptoms including red cheeks, drooling and abdomen upsets among others.

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  • A natural remedy through the release of succinic acid; doesn’t introduce chemicals into the baby’s body; does not cause side effects
  • Does not require baby to chew on beads; hence, less hazardous than most teething toys
  • Bears safety knots; beads intricately sewn together to ensure they do not get loose; prevents baby from swallowing the beads
  • Amber teething necklace treats most teething symptoms such as swollen gums, aching ears, inflamed skin and stomach upsets among others
  • 100% genuine amber: This Art of Cure amber teething necklace has been proven authentic by a gemologist.


  • Requires constant supervision
  • Can cost more than some teething toys

The [amazon link=”B004F95G1A” title=”Art of Cure Teething Necklace ” /] is a great teething remedy for your baby. By just wearing it, your child is relieved of most symptoms. However, you will need to be close to the child when they are wearing it, to keep them from chewing on it. Nonetheless, it is a proven natural remedy.

Amber Teething Necklace for Babies (Unisex)

This amber teething necklace for babies is designed for both girls and boys. It has healing properties to reduce drooling, inflammatory skin, teething pain and other teething symptoms. The [amazon link=”B00M5CMRNE” title=”necklace ” /] is made from Baltic amber and it carries all the benefits of the healing succinic acid, which is prevalent in the beads.

The beads are oval and smooth enough to soothe the soft skin of the baby. It comes with a clasp for easy and secure fastening. It measures around 30cm.

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  • Works fast; likely to notice some changes after a few hours of baby wearing necklace
  • No side effects; a natural remedy
  • Helps little one recover from most teething problems associated with the process, such as fever symptoms and fussiness
  • Easy and safe to use; amber teething necklace is easy to use and safe-knotted to prevent beads from disengaging from main string
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Must prevent child from chewing on beads
  • Price is on the high end

This [amazon link=”B00M5CMRNE” title=”amber teething necklace” /] for babies from Baltic Wonder is an appropriate teething remedy for any parent looking for a natural solution. It is made of original amber, which is laden with the powerful succinic acid. The oval beads are functional as well as aesthetic.

Healing Hazel Balticamber Baby Necklace

The [amazon link=”B00H2631Y2″ title=”Balticamber Baby Necklace” /] , from Healing Hazel is another remedy for teething symptoms. The amber composition works wonders on reddened cheeks, aching ears and other teething symptoms.

All you have to do is put the necklace on your child’s neck and you will notice results within a few hours to a few days. It measures about 11”. It is also made of multiple colors not only to release the healing properties but also to accentuate the little one’s style.

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  • Made of small, light beads for easy, comfortable wearing
  • Beads are multicolored to entice the baby and complement their style; comes in beads of cognac, honey and cherry
  • Necklace is made of Baltic amber, which has been proven to solve teething problems for centuries
  • Treats allergies naturally as well


  • If small beads break and your baby swallows them, it can be fatal
  • Baby must be under supervision while wearing necklace

For all your baby’s teething problems, you cannot go wrong with the [amazon link=”B00H2631Y2″ title=”Healing Hazel Balticamber Baby Necklac” /]. However, the small beads can be hazardous if the child breaks the necklace. So as with any toy, the child should be under supervision when they have it on and shouldn’t be allowed to have it while sleeping or unattended.


Most amber teething necklaces share the same properties. They contain amber, which is the active agent in the necklace. Therefore, making a choice can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, of the above necklaces, the [amazon link=”B00M5CMRNE” title=”amber teething necklace for Babies (Unisex)” /] takes the lead. This is because of its oval beads, which ensures that most of its surface is lying on the baby’s skin. It also has a clasp to fasten the beads.

In addition, the more rounded the Amber beads, the pricier they are. Second in this review is the [amazon link=”B004F95G1A” title=”Art of Cure Teething Necklace ” /]. It has sweet rounded beads in the color of lemon. Again, on safety, the beads are large for the kid to swallow and there are safety knots. Last but not the least is the [amazon link=”B00H2631Y2″ title=”Balticamber Baby Necklace” /]. It comes third due to its smaller beads, which can easily be swallowed. But, again if you are looking for a trendy amber teething necklace, this will certainly work.
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