Teething can be a miserable time for both you and your baby. Your baby may have already started exhibiting teething symptoms including the tendency to gnaw on everything. Besides consulting the physician for rather serious symptoms such as fever and diarrhea, you can help ease this process by buying your baby teething toys.

The market is flooded with teethers, so it can be challenging to choose the best one since they come in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Just as with any baby product, you should be careful when selecting a teething toy since the baby will be chewing on it and using the toy as a play item as well.

The prices vary significantly too based on various characteristics of different teething toys. But before you introduce a teether, make sure your baby is ready for it. Furthermore, some are made for specific ages, so be sure to check out all of the details before purchasing one. Below are some of the most popular and best baby teethers.

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe

Vulli Sophie Giraffe”  teething toy is among the most popular baby teethers. It is made of natural rubber to ensure that your baby’s soft gums do not get hurt when he or she is gnawing on this adorable teether.

The toy is flexible to bend in any way that the child wants it to. No matter how much the baby tears on it with its gum, it never gives in. Hence, it is safe to use even when you are not around the child. It is also attractive since it bears small dots all over its trunk. Therefore, it is a great toy.


  • A natural remedy for sore gums; it helps soothe irritable, itching gums
  • Entire trunk made of natural rubber; safe and healthy to chew on; rubber does not flake or chip
  • Acts as a toy as well as teething remedy; baby can chew on and play with it at same time
  • Sophie the giraffe fits snugly in baby’s grip
  • From its appendages to trunk, whole giraffe is chewable


  • Toy can collect dirt and put germs in baby’s mouth

The Vulli Sophie Giraffe is a teething toy to look out for. It is made of natural rubber and painted with food-safe colors to ensure safety. However, for kids who are allergic to latex, this may not be the perfect choice. All the same, it is one dear teether, which is attractive to any baby and their mother.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy is composed of colorful plastic tubes interlocked together. The soft tubes present a challenge for the baby as they try to untie the tubes with their irritated gums.

As they pull on the plastic tubes, they are able to reduce the teething pain. Its colorful aura makes it not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and interesting for the baby to look at. It is soft to the baby’s touch and cannot be swallowed easily. Hence, it is safe.


  • Amazing maze of colorful plastic tubes presents a great tool for baby to chew on
  • Safer than any other material baby can get their hands on
  • Large not easy to swallow
  • Plastic material is BPA free
  • Encourages child to use both hands as they pull on tubes
  • Diameter of 2.4 inches; suited for infants to toddlers of 24 months
  • Baby teether is also attractive
  • Awarded the Portfolio Gold Seal Award


  • Plastic is soft and if baby manages to break it into small chips, will end up swallowing them
  • Baby’s hands can get stuck in tubes

The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle is a great toy for calming irritated gums. Its plastic feel allows the child to chew on it with ease. Its price is also affordable. However, it can break with ease and cause health risks.

First Years Massaging Action Teether

The First Years Massaging Action Teether is a unique teething toy for babies. When a baby chews on it, the teether produces vibrations, which works on the swollen gums. Besides the benefit it provides to a teething baby, it can also be a fun toy for them.

It has a compact design to give the baby a comfortable grip. Its functioning is powered by a tiny long life battery, which is inside the body of the teether. The toy is among the best in the massaging teething toys category.


  • Massaging function makes teether tick; It increases circulation in gum, alleviating swelling and soreness
  • Nuby points found on toy produce a series of vibrations; baby only needs to bite on sensitive points
  • Yellow star-shaped toy is inviting to most babies
  • Battery is replaceable
  • Handle is easy for baby to hold on to


  • If baby hits ground with toy, battery may come out and there will be no more vibrations

The First Years Massaging Action Teether is not an ordinary teething toy. It does not only provide your baby with something to chew on, but it also helps to soothe the gums by increasing circulation through the vibrations. This is a great teether; however, it can be damaged easily since it runs on a battery.


Of all the reviewed baby teethers above, The First Years Massaging Action Teether  is the best. This is because of its unique massaging feature. The battery-run toy produces vibrations, which help to reduce the discomfort in the baby’s gum.

Secondly, we have the Vulli Sophie Giraffe. While it lacks the massaging function, it is made of natural rubber to offer the baby a safe item to chew during the teething process. Lastly is the Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy”. This too is a great teether made of a maze of plastic tubes. However, it can break easily and the baby’s hands may get caught in the interconnected tubes