One of the most popular teething toys in the world is called Sophie the Giraffe, which acts as a child’s friend more than a toy. It is prudent to create connections while you are young afterall, when it comes to human development, building friendships is a vital step.

Sophie’s success is attributed to the accomplished group that made her. Vulli’s staff of women and men work hard each day to surpass the expectations of children and parents alike. These committed team members outline the business’ success. They endeavor for perfection and have had several big accomplishments because of their high focus on safety regulations. The diverse range of baby care products is what makes the company unique. 

What Makes Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether One Of the Most Popular Teething Toys?

The toy is intended to be an amazing adventure. The actual toy is a jackpot of discoveries intended to awaken the senses of any boy or girl, and in turn, help with their process of development. Sophie’s contrasting and dark spots induce your child’s sight, ensuring that they’ll recognize her all the time. Each giraffe is special – her spots have been manually added with food paint. Babies will continue to adore and use Sophie as they age.

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Vulli Sophie – Key Aspects

If the toy is squeezed, it makes a squeal that will make kids of any age laugh as they endure the teething process. The baby’s hearing will also be stimulated by the high-pitched squeal.

Sophie was developed to ease sore gums, and her perfect design gives your child various parts to chew on. Sophie is phthalates and BPA-free, designed to soothe sore gums. As such, your child is in no danger when using this teething toy.

The soft structure of the toy makes it simple for a child to handle and hold it; her elongated legs and neck make it enjoyable for small hands to play with it, so you needn’t worry about assisting the kid during playtime. Most toys and baby teethers miss the mark since they’re difficult to handle and are cumbersome.

The toy is completely made of natural rubber. The scent of rubber isn’t strong, but it is unique. Overall, Sophie will resonate with your youngster and help to naturally develop their senses (in comparison to other noisy and brash toys that overstimulate the child).

Sophie’s popularity warranted a companion toy based on a beloved kid’s book. The engaging format and design means that Sophie gets more character and depth than other toys.

Simplicity is vital, and this toy will stand the test of time. Sophie comes instruction-less, but she won’t have to be assembled when you bring her home. Batteries aren’t needed, either. Sophie is a classic toy that is safe for your baby to play with.

Her abundance of features are indicative that this toy is adaptable and will be around for a while. Sophie is destined to become a favorite for kids in comparison to other toys, which tend to contain hazardous chemicals that go unnoticed.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether- Pros & Cons

What We Liked

  • Created to stimulate every sense, will special aspects that isolate all five senses individually.
  • Manually painted – so your giraffe will be unique. Approved food paint is used, so you needn’t be concerned with dangerous chemicals seeping into your baby’s body.
  • Basic structure simplifies handling of the toy, and individual parts work to ease aching gums effectively.
  • Soft texture, making it a pleasure to handle.
  • Squealing that stimulates amusement in kids.
  • Adaptable – completely made of natural rubber, the toy can be dropped and thrown without getting broken.
  • No undesired odor.
  • Simple to sanitize.
  • Free of toxins.
  • Fun for boys and girls.
  • No batteries or assembly required.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be quite costly.
  • Because of the toy’s popularity, the market was inundated with Sophie replicas. Ensure that the teething product’s serial number matches the one on the box. Knockoffs of this toy are of poor quality.
  • Sophie won’t retain her appearance since the food paint will eventually rub off or fade away.
  • Not dishwasher-friendly.
  • When poorly handled, growth of black mold might occur because of environment and climate conditions.
  • Cannot be shipped internationally.


While the toy is more expensive than similar generic teething products out there, it is worthwhile for your baby to have.

Many parents praise Sophie the Giraffe, and most of them cite the toy as important during the teething process. Sophie comes with some amazing features that mothers and fathers will love.

These days, just about all things are toxic. It’s nice to see a toy that is not a hazard and contains no toxins. This uncomplicated and basic toy is a throwback to the traditional toys we played with.

Complaints about the product tend to revolve around all the replicas floating around. How can you determine if yours is real? Quality is the main sign. You have a fake if the product doesn’t measure up to Vulli’s standards. There are differences between the numbers on the toy and the box it comes in. You’ll need to be mindful when purchasing Sophie since there’s no immediate way to tell if it’s a fake. Overall, the toy is worthwhile for your baby to have. Consider introducing your little one to Sophie the Giraffe.